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EPISODE 5: TERRY INTERVIEWS SONIA BENEZRA FAMILY HERITAGE Sonia Benezra was born of Spanish and Moroccan descent on September 25, 1960 in Montreal. The family escaped anti-Semitism in Morocco and immigrated to Canada. They left everything behind and [...]

Previews: Sonia Benezra


EPISODE 4: TERRY INTERVIEWS TED BIRD FAMILY HERITAGE Born in the monarchist town of Fredericton New Brunswick in 1959, Ted comes from the prominent Bird family. His father owned his own construction company and his uncle Bud was [...]

Previews: Ted Bird


EPISODE 3: GEOFFREY MOLSON FAMILY HERITAGE The Molson family's influence in the new world began in 1787 when the first generation arrived in Upper Canada. Renowned for its brewing business, few people know that the Molsons were responsible [...]

The Best of Terry DiMonte on Switchback

THE BEST OF TERRY DIMONTE ON SWITCHBACK   "GETTING SPIT ON WAS PART OF THE JOB" In 1987 Switchback was produced by the CBC in Ottawa and broadcast in Quebec and eastern Ontario. Terry DiMonte joined the show as [...]

The Best of Terry DiMonte on Switchback Video


EPISODE 2: TERRY INTERVIEWS SUGAR SAMMY FAMILY, HERITAGE AND POLITICS Samir Khullar was born February 29, 1976. He has a younger brother and sister, all part of a very close family. He describes his home as full of [...]

L’Ultime Classement Episode 2: The Right Wingers

Previews: Geoffrey Molson