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Donohue’s Legends: Gary Carter Video

Ultime Classement Episode 1: The Centers Video

Johnson Moretti as Opera Windfall

JOHNSON MORETTI IN SWITCHBACK'S "OPERA WINDFALL" TOM AZIZ ON THE LATE AND GREAT JOHNSON MORETTI Johnson Moretti was a native of Hornell, New York. He moved to Ottawa in 1982, and became an organizer and referee with the Ottawa [...]

Gary Carter on Donohue’s Legends

DONOHUE'S LEGENDS: GARY CARTER - NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST DONOHUE'S LEGENDS The program was hosted by the late Jack Donohue in 1992. Donohue was head coach of Canada's national basketball team from 1972 to 1988, during which time they [...]

Sandra Oh in Switchback’s “Cancoo”

SANDRA OH ON SWITCHBACK'S "CANCOO" SANDRA OH If you look up Sandra Oh on the internet, you will discover a career full of Emmy nominations and Golden Globe awards for her role as Doctor Cristina Yang on ABC's drama [...]

“Cancoo Gets a Job” on Switchback

JOHNSON MORETTI AS "CANCOO" ON SWITCHBACK SWITCHBACK'S "CANCOO GETS A JOB" During his time as host of Switchback, Johnson Moretti created dozens of characters. Two of his best characters are Cancoo the Evil Master of the Universe, whose passion [...]

Previews: Samir Khullar aka Sugar Sammy

Previews: Terry Mosher aka Aislin

Episode 1: Terry Mosher aka Aislin 60 Minute Interview

Episode 1: Terry Mosher aka Aislin 30 Minute Interview

Montreal's CHOM FM radio host Terry Dimonte interviews one of the most famous cartoonists of our time, Terry Mosher, aka Aislin.